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1998, setting up of the company « GRANITS, PIERRES et TRADITIONS » (Granites, Stones and Traditions).

2001 – 2005 Technical Manager – Ancient Monuments Restoration Firm (TOULOUSE 31)

Shell restoration, new and ancient work.
Carrying out of diagnosis, assessment and heritage maintenance book...

Examples of carrying out: Hold of Radoub (VNF), Hotel of Vieux Raisins, Castle of Merville

1995 – 2001 Foreman – Ancient Monuments Restoration Firm - Building (VELIZY 78)
Work manager in Ancient Monuments Department.

On the following operations: restoration of « Pavillon de Flore » - Flora House, Louvre (75), Building façades in Paris (75), complete restoration of the castle of Méry sur Oise (78), restoration of the wall - terrace of the estate of St Germain en Laye (78), façade of the University of Medicine (Bd St Germain 75)

1993 – 1995 Foreman – Ancient Monuments Restoration Firm (METZ 57).
Supervision of construction sites ancient and new monuments. On the following operations: Inside Theatre of Nancy, restoration of the stone roof of Ste. Anne Church in JERUSALEM, complete restoration of the bridge M.H. of Aironville (54), St Vincent de Paul Church (57)…
- Study of construction sites, research of material and subcontractors for the French Embassy in BEIRUT.

1989 – 1993 Foreman - Ancient Monuments Restoration Firm - Building (ANGERS 49)
Supervision of construction sites Ancient Monuments, renovation and civil engineering work.

On the following operations: arrow of Angers Cathedral, carrying out of columbarium, plastic-coated stone of public and private buildings, Hotel of Penitents (15th), St Jean Loft, Hotel Teissier La Motte…

1986 – 1988 National Service in Cooperation
Site foreman within the framework of restoring Karnak Church of HIGH-EGYPT, for a CNRS mission.

1982 - 1989 Stone-cutter
Stone-cutter with different stages of responsibilities for several firms all over France, within the framework of Tour de France fellow of the craft.


1989 Certificate of perfect command of stone-cutter in NIMES

Foreign spoken language: Arabic

Various professional trainings: stereotomy, price and measurement study, statements, coating, whitewash, securities.


1985 Manual Trade International Examination in JAPAN (IVTC) –4th on a worldwide scale
Stone-cutter, excellence certificate.

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